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Hot Shots is a prom magazine Designed for the Teen in Mind. Preparation begins for next year’s catalog, when most are looking for this year’s prom dress.

The Hot Shots team begins scouting photo shoot locations in the fall and continues into January and February to find the unique locations you see in the magazine. Every shot is planned and tested to get the exact composition.

A Model Search is held in Atlanta every April and hundreds of talented teens come out in hopes of making the cut. About 20 girls and 5 guys are chosen. We strive to choose girls who represent you. Many of our models are high school girls who are dreaming of their own prom just like you.

From May to the beginning of July our journey takes us around the US to meet with just the best Prom Designers. As a collaborative team, Hot Shots works with the designers to select the prom dresses that will be featured in the magazine. Special attention is paid to style, color, construction, fit, and embellishments to create a unique blend of dresses that will work for your personal style, compliment every skin tone, dance all night, flatter every figure, and enhance your beauty with just the right sparkle.

A weeklong photo shoot begins in July, in the middle of the summer heat. Calling in the top hair and make-up artists in the industry, including Mary Jane Starke, whose work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and more, photographer, lighting expert, stylist, and coordinators, the Hot Shots magazine is designed to inspire you. We hope you carry your Hot Shots Magazine with you to your Hot Shots store with the dresses you like marked, to your hair stylist for ideas, and to your school to share with your friends.
In August all the Hot Shots Stores gather at the biggest Prom Market in the US in Atlanta, GA. We watch hours of fashion shows to buy and stock each store with the very best the prom market has to offer. Hot Shots unveils its collection of dresses featured in the Magazine, and stores share ideas of how to better serve you.

We look forward to sharing with you our expertise in Prom. Please go to our Store Locator to find your Hot Shots Store, and browse our Magazine, and Designers online. Read our expert styling tips and beauty advice, check us out on FaceBook and Twitter, and watch cool fashion videos!
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